Heavy is my heart.

A forewarning, this is not the fluffy stuff I usually write about:

Living in New Brunswick, Canada, you never expect anything to happen here.It’s a pretty boring, safe place to be. In fact, it’s such a boring spot, there is literally nothing that happens here. This is the province that gets skipped by 90% of touring artists, who will put on a concert in Quebec and then skip right on over to Nova Scotia. I live in a small town, my home town is so small, when I meet people I have to pick a neighboring town to reference since no one knows where it actually is. Moncton, New Brunswick is 2.5 hours away from my home.

To say the least, the events that unfolded on June 4, 2014 are very much unexpected and incredibly tragic. 

I shared on my Facebook page earlier my thoughts on the subject of what is unfolding this evening:

Unbelievable. I never thought anything like this would happen so close to home. I pray that this person is caught and served swift justice before anyone else is harmed. I pray for everyone affected by this tragedy. I pray for everyone in the city of Moncton, and so thankful for the brave men and women of the RCMP who risk their lives to keep us all safe.

This person is a monster. I truly feel for all those affected. Honestly, it’s all that is in my Facebook news feed tonight, and I am SICK of seeing his face all over the page. I understand that he has not been caught yet, and a certain level of awareness needs to be raised to catch him, but I also had seen a fan page for this villanous human being… a FAN PAGE?! This man deserves no praise or glory for the crimes he is committing. I hope this will all be over before I wake up, but I felt that I had to take a moment to post a few thoughts:

  • Firstly, law enforcement is being targeted. I will admit, they can feel like a nuisance from time to time, when you’re speeding, etc. But when something like this happens, it truly makes you appreciate the fact that there are brave men and women out there right now putting their lives on the line to keep us safe. I am so thankful to have the RCMP watching out for all of us.
  • Secondly, I feel for the friends and families of the RCMP officers lost and injured on the job tonight, words can not express what these people are going through and my thoughts and prayers are with them.
  • and finally, I have several friends and family members in that area, and the reassurance of knowing they are safe in their homes is the most comforting thing right now. 

Life is unfair, and short in some cases. It’s a mystery and you never know what is going to come of it.

Hold your loved ones extra close tonight, I know I will be.