Nail’d it!

 A few weeks ago, I received a complimentary VoxBox from influenster, containing two sets of BroadWay Nails imPress Manicures.

I was slightly reluctant to test the product initially because I had been growing my natural nails out and this meant I had to cut them, but being adventurous for the cause of fashion and beauty, I took the plunge and trimmed them down.I received a set of Short Zebra tips, and hot pink leopard print.I wasn’t willing to go super short, so the leopard print it was.

It took me some time to get them ready, as the numbers on the back are tiny, so it’s hard to line up sizes. Once that was done, I had to peel the stickers off of the back so they would apply. It took longer than I would’ve liked it to, as the nail is hard, but has some softness about it, causing it to slightly bend when the sticker was being peeled. Once applied I only had to file down the tips, and this was hard to do, as it did take some of the design with it from where it was painted.

Once they were on, they looked great! Such an intricate design would’ve taken forever to do by hand. In fact, if I had done them myself, they probably would’ve looked like this:


But alas, with the imPress manicure, no muss no fuss! Just great shiny nails for 7 days!

Here was the finished product:



As a bride to be, I feel naked not having my nails done, since everyone ALWAYS asks to see the bling.



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